Logo is not changing

This issue is usually happening in Furniture Demo, Jewelry Demo, Lawyer.

Basically for the homepage we used a special feature called “Page Layouts” eg: http://take.ms/YTfOq .

This page layout that’s assigned on the homepage, had the logo overridden, as well as some custom options like background. To disable this page layout, access the Home page in backend and look for the page layout box, eg: http://take.ms/e65TQ and disable it. After disabling it, you should be able to change the logo in Kallyas options > General > Logo options.

If you want to keep on using this “page layout” you can access Page Layouts > Homepage style (or how it’s called) and change it there eg: http://take.ms/nbGJm .

More info on page layouts here: Page layouts and how to override specific theme options in pages  .

PS: We’re trying to figure out ways to make this process much more intuitive. Sorry for this!

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