Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting started with Kallyas WordPress theme

Import WooCommerce dummy data

This video explains how to import WooCommerce dummy data (sample data). It’s a fact that starting with some sample data will help you understand more about WooCommerce and it’s features, functionality and options.

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Import WooCommerce dummy data
How to install WooCommerce
How to use the page builder
Save Elements and Templates
Sections Element
How to update Kallyas to v4.x from v3.x
Whats included in the main package
Install Dummy/Sample Data
Install Kallyas theme through backend

Disclaimer: As you may have noticed, we're not native English speakers so you might have troubles understanding what i said. If you have difficulties or still don't understand, or if you just feel that it wasn't explained well, please let me know by starting a new ticket over our support dashboard (link above).