Page Builder Elements

Page Builder Elements

Page Builder Elements in Kallyas WordPress theme

Countdown Element

This screencast is an overview of the CountDown element in the Kallyas’s Page builder.

Please note: We recommend viewing the videos in full screen at 720p or 1080p for optimal experience.

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Countdown Element
Newsletter Box
Social Icons List
Horizontal Tabs
Vertical Tabs
Info Box 2
Anchor Point
Shop Products Presentation
Shop Limited Offers
Revolution Slider
Recent work 1
Latest posts (all 4 versions)
iOS Slider
Fancy Slider
CSS3 Panels
Spacer element
Static content – Text and register
Testimonials and Partners
Text Box element
Circle text box
Title element
Testimonial Fader
Team Box
Steps Boxes
Steps Boxes 3
Steps box 4
Steps box 2
Stats box
Statistics element
Static content – Weather Box
Static Content – Video Launcher
Static content – Text pop
Static content – Simple text
Static content – Showroom carousel
Static content – Reservation form
Static content – Product loupe
Static content – Event countdown
Static content – Default layout
Static content – Boxes
Stage ImageBox
Skills Diagram
Simple Slider
Sidebar element
Service Boxes
Search Box
Screenshots Box
Recent work 3
Recent Work 2
Product Item Content
Pricing Tables
Blog Post Content
Portfolio Slider
PHP Code
Photo Gallery
Partners Logos
Page Content
Nivo Slider
Media Container
Laptop Slider
Image Box
Icon Box
Hover Box
Historic element
Grid photo gallery
Grid icon boxes
Google map
Flickr Feed
Documentation content and header
Devices Images
Custom Subheader
Contact form
Circular carousel #2
Circular content #1
Circular Catalogue
Callout Banner
Buttons Element
Blog Archive
Big Social Blocks
Action Box
3D Cute Slider
Testimonial Slider
Testimonials Box
Video Box
Wow Slider
WooCommerce Product
WooCommerce Archive
Column Element
Smart Container Element
Sections Element

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