Kallyas Options

Kallyas Options

Options in Kallyas WordPress theme

Blog Options

This screencast should explain what the “Blog options” section in Kallyas options does, what the actual option-fields do and how to use them.

Please note: We recommend viewing the videos in full screen at 720p or 1080p for optimal experience.

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Blog Options
Color options
Coming soon options
Default subheader options
Fonts setup
Font options
Footer options
General options
Google analytics
Header options
Hidden panel options
Icon fonts uploader
Layout options
Logo options
Mailchimp options
Recaptcha options
Sidebar options
Unlimited subheaders

Disclaimer: As you may have noticed, we're not native English speakers so you might have troubles understanding what i said. If you have difficulties or still don't understand, or if you just feel that it wasn't explained well, please let me know by starting a new ticket over our support dashboard (link above).