How to change contact form template

If you want to change the contact form email template, you will need to follow some steps. Small programming knowledge would be desired, however, the following steps should be help even if no programming skills are present.

The email template is genereted by the following file: wp-content\themes\kallyas\pagebuilder\elements\contact_form\cf-template.php .

In order to change the template, you will have to: 
– Create a file in your child theme, call it my-cf-template.php, for example ( you can use any name you want )
– Copy the contents of the wp-content\themes\kallyas\pagebuilder\elements\contact_form\cf-template.php into your new file
– Add the following code in your child theme’s functions.php file

add_filter( 'znhgfw_contact_form_template_path', 'kc_cf_add_include_template_path', 100 );
function kc_cf_add_include_template_path( $defaultTemplatePath ){
    return ( get_stylesheet_directory() . '/my-cf-template.php' );

– Edit the template to suit your needs

Good to know:
– All Contact Form fields will be found in this array: $kallyasContactFormFieldsArray, as fieldName => field value
– You can access other variables such as $to, $from, etc directly.