API Connection Issues, SSL related

We’re very sorry about this problem, we’ve added a SSL certificate on my.hogash.com, now being https://my.hogash.com/ . This affected some hostings which refused such connection with a SSL based endpoint.

To fix this problem, please choose one of these two possibilities, depending on which one seems more fit for you:

v1) Manual Kallyas Theme Update.#

Access Themeforest and download the latest Kallyas version (4.10.5) and manually update it. Here’s a quick article on manual updates https://my.hogash.com/documentation/updating-the-theme/#manual-updates .

v2) Manual code change:#

For versions  4.10.2 / 4.10.3 / 4.10.5 :

Open /wp-content/themes/kallyas/framework/hg-theme-framework/inc/api/ZN_HogashDashboard.php 

For versions  4.8 / 4.9 / 4.10 / 4.10.1 :

Open /wp-content/themes/kallyas/framework/classes/ZN_HogashDashboard.php

Around line 9 replace this line:

const DASH_ENDPOINT_URL = 'https://my.hogash.com/';


const DASH_ENDPOINT_URL = 'https://my.hogash.com/hg_api/';

This is how it should look http://hogash.d.pr/Gc5B .

Still doesn’t work? Head over to Registration troubleshooting and find other possible reasons why the connection might not work.