iOS Slider crash after update

This issue happened because we’ve switched the slider script from an outdated type of JS slider to a modern one (Slick slider) which is well maintained. There were changes on both JS and CSS side so they need to be refreshed.

The issue in particular happens because there’s an asset cache which needs to be purged.

To fix, you can try to:

  • Purge all caches from plugins;
  • Temporarily disable any caching plugin;
  • Clear Cloudflare’s cache (if used);
  • In case you made the Kallyas update manually, you’d need to hit the Clear Kallyas Cache button;
  • If you rolled back the update to a previous version, you can now try making the update without any caching enabled (including any form of cache enabled through .htaccess too, if used).
  • Rarely, some WP managed hostings are using their own caching plugins and they can be found in WP > Plugins > “Must Use” menu item, eg: and contains some caching plugins. Please check if you can purge their cache.