Installing with wordpress administration panel

This method of installation may seem easier to most people. It can all be done from the WordPress administration panel, without manually uploading the file to your server. You must be logged in as the administrator to use this method. In default installations, the administrator username is “admin”. You may have modified this during the WordPress installation. If you do not know your administrator password, you may need to check your MySQL database or (in some cases) with your web hosting provider.

Go to WordPress Menu > Appearance > Themes and click on Add New button located on top of the screen.

add new

Click on Upload Theme button, located on top of the screen.


You should now see a standard upload form. Use it to upload the file that you extracted from the ThemeForest download package. Wait for the file to upload and then go back to WordPress Menu > Appearance > Themes. You should see the Theme in your non-active theme list. If you do not, the upload may not have worked successfully. Try refreshing or uploading again the file to solve the problem.


If all went well, you can now activate the theme by clicking Activate button located at the bottom of the theme description. Now the theme becomes active and you can start using our magnificent theme. kallyas activate