Installing recommended plugins

After installing our theme, you are required to install additional plugins: Revolution Slider and Cute slider. The plugins are already included in the theme so you can easily install them. Revolution Slider plugin is one of the most popular sliders on the web; it has unlimited effects and is fully customizable. You can use it to create sliders that you can incorporate later into your pages.

You are also presented with an option to install the Woocommerce Plugin. This is required if you intend to use the shop features of our theme. This plugin will be installed from the WordPress repository.

Go to WordPress Menu.  On top of the screen of any admin page you will find instructions for installing or updating the plugins.

Install plugins

If you do not see any notice at the top of the screen, then you can access the Install Plugins option at WordPress Menu > Addons.


Here you will find a list of plugins and you will be presented with the options for installing the plugins or updating them in case there is an update available.

Please choose Install or Update as required by the plugin and then follow the on screen instructions.