Twitter Widget

This widget will display the recent tweets from your Twitter account. Here’s a preview of the widget , usually it’s placed onto the footer of our demos.

Here’s how to add and use this widget:

A) Through Widgets: Go to the Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets. In the available widgets list you can see the [Kallyas]  Twitter widget and simply drag it onto the Sidebar area you want. Immediatly the options pane will open eg: .

B) Through Page builder. In v4.1 we’ve made all widgets available into the Page builder. So to add the widget, simply edit the page with the page builder and search for “twitter” eg: . Drag the element wherever you want into the page and click on the “gear” icon to open its options eg: .

For both, the widgets options are exactly the same, but of course the Page builder way allows much more flexibility.

To get started with this widget you’ll need to create a new Twitter App, so head over to and Create new app. Fill all the fields (except Custom callback which is not really needed) eg: .

After you successfully created the app, go to the tab pane called “Keys and Access Tokens” . By default Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer Secret (API Secret) will be displayed, however you’ll also need the Access tokens, so scroll below and hit the “Create access token” button. This will generate the Access Token and Access Token Secret .

Now that you’ve filled the keys fields into the widget options, you’ll need to provide your Twitter username and cache period which usually is 48 (hours).

Save & publish and refresh the page and the tweets should appear. If not, wait for a bit, perhaps the keys are not fully generated for use.