Smart Slider Element

The Smart Slider element is a complex element that helps creating custom content carousels.

You can add as many carousel items as you need, but not too many, because:

  • it will affect the page’s performance
  • it’s a fact that carousels and sliders don’t convert and they’re easily “skipped” by the visitor.

To create carousel items, please open the element’s options and you’ll notice the grouped option right away eg: . Click Add More and you’ll be able to create as many as you want. The title of them is optional and mostly used as “identifier” in the list.

The 2nd options tab called “Options” mostly contains slider settings like Autoplay, Transition and Navigation options.

After creating the items and saving the element you should see something like this eg: . The carousel items are fully stretched, however we’re trying to find a solution to have as many items as we want on each “row”.

To bypass this fully stretched row issue, you can resize the columns and clone them eg: .


  • Avoid using too many carousel items;
  • Avoid adding elements that are using JavaScript because the carousel is cloning items and the event listeners might be detached;
  • Keep it simple and easy to navigate;