iOS Slider

Create and display an iOS Slider element


Option nameDescription

Fullscreen Chose wether the slider should be fixed height or fullscreen.
Slider Height Enter a numeric value for the slider height.Please note that the value will be used as percentage. The default value is 39%. This option works if Fullscreen is disabled.
Autoplay? Autoplay slider?
Transition Speed Enter a numeric value for the transition speed (default: 5000)
Slider Navigation Choose what type of navigation you want to use for your slide.
Add Fade Effect? Choose if you want to add a bottom fade effect to your slider.
Color for the fading background Pick a color
Use fixed width slider? Choose if you want to use a full width slider or a fixed width one.
Use fixed position (scroll) slider? Choose if you want your slider to be fixed on the page when you scroll down
Add scrolling effect? Choose if you want the slider to have a scrolling effect on the entire slider and captions. The captions will fade while the slider will slowly move downwards upon scrolling.
This options works only if the slider is positioned at the very top opf the page!!
Slider Background Style Select the background style you want to use for this slider. Please note that styles can be created from the unlimited headers options in the theme admin’s page.
Bottom masks override The new masks are svg based, vectorial and color adapted.
Slides Here you can create your iOS Slider Slides.




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