Installing the child theme

This theme comes with a preinstalled child theme.

Why use a child theme?#

If you modify our theme files and it is updated, your changes made to the theme files will be lost. With a child theme, you can update the parent theme (which might be important for security or functionality) and still keep your changes. Therefore, if you are a WordPress savvy and wish to modify stuff to our theme, please use the child theme to do so.

It is important to leave this name unchanged. After installing the child theme, activate it instead of the main theme. For further reference about the child themes, please read the WordPress documentation located at .

Installing the child theme:#

We have included the child theme into the Theme Dashboard > Theme Addons eg: . Simply click to install it and activate it afterwards.

Please note that some things may “disappear” after installing the child theme. For example, the main menu. There is nothing to be worry about this. In order to resolve this, just go to Appearance > Menus menu and re-asign your menus.