How to use icon box

This is how the basic icon box markup looks like:

<div class="hg-iconbox hg-iconbox--style2 hg-text--center">
  <a href="#" class="hg-iconbox__anchor">
    <div class="hg-iconbox__iconWrapper">
      <span class="hg-iconbox__icon hg-icon-ambulance"></span>
    <div class="hg-iconbox__contentWrapper">
      <div class="hg-iconbox__titleWrapper">
        <h3 class="hg-iconbox__title">[...]</h3>
      <div class="hg-iconbox__descWrapper">
        <p class="hg-iconbox__desc">[...]</p>

Icon box styles can be found in app/css/scss/_iconBox.scss which follow the structure:

.hg-iconbox {
  &:hover {
  @include md('style2') {...}
  @include md('style1') {...}
  @include md('l20') {...}
  @include md('tab') {...}
  @include md('center') {...}
  @include el('icon') {...}
  @include el('iconWrapper') {...}

  • All the icon box types and classes can be found in app/css/icomoon.css

Icon box style can be changed by adding a new class after hg-iconBox named hg-iconBox–style preceded by the number of the style.

Here are some examples of these styles:

  • hg-iconBox–style1

  • hg-iconBox–style2

  • hg-iconBox–style3

  • hg-iconBox–style4

  • hg-iconBox–style5

  • hg-iconBox–style6