Alternative dummy/sample data install

Sometimes, installing the dummy data can be a pain because some servers might refuse repeated requests in a short amount of time. That’s one of their ways to protect themselves from DOS attacks, but it also affects our theme’s importing functionality.

As an alternative method of importing sample data, is simply installing the theme on a localhost-based WordPress installation, and afterwards migrating it online.


Here are few steps that explain how to do all this:#

  1. Install a localhost environment solution. Choose one of these solution depending on your OS.
    1. For Windows: WAMP ( tutorial for installationor XAMPP ( tutorial for installation )
    2. For Macs:  MAMP  ( tutorial for installation )
  2. Install WordPress on localhost:
    1. Install WordPress on WAMP:
    2. Install WordPress on XAMPP:
    3. Install WordPress on MAMP:
  3. Install the theme ( tutorial here )
  4. Access Theme options > Dashboard > Step 4 and Import the sample data .
  5. Now that the sample data is prepared, we must prepare the website for migration. Install Duplicator plugin or All-in-One WP Migration plugin . Both pretty much do the same thing, but differently. Duplicator plugin will basically install an exact clone of WordPress + content + theme + plugins etc. The All in one WP Migrate plugin is usually recommended if you’re already having an online installation and don’t want to start from scratch.
    1. Migrate with Duplicator plugin –
    2. Migrate with All-in-one WP Migration –

*Sorry for providing links to other tutorials but they’re much better explained than we could have.

After site migration, it’s recommended to go to the theme options and simply hit the Save button to regenerate the dynamic css as there are some path’s inside that should match the new domain/location.


We know this is quite a pain but this is our n’th attempt to solve problems with importing sample data onto problematic servers. We’re constantly trying to find better ways but we must comply to the WordPress environment, respect standards and workaround with many, many different server environments.

As usual, if you’re having questions or need assistance, please start a new thread on our support office .