How to Install The Theme

Installation Overview:#

Here’s a quick overview of the installation steps that you should follow. Please follow these steps in order to minimize the probability of something going wrong:

  1. Install the theme (details below);
  2. Follow the 4 main steps in the Dashboard that will appear immediately after install.
    1. Welcome: Verify your website’s & server’s configuration. Some of those might be needed for the theme to work fully correct in any situation.
    2. Register the theme. Doing this will allow features like installing sample data, plugin and add-ons, future theme update notifications in your WordPress dashboard.
    3. Install Addons (optional).
    4. Install Sample data. This will allow you to replicate one of our included demos. Just hit install and wait a few minutes. See more or see an alternative method to install sample data.


Installing the theme:#

By far, the easiest way to install the theme is through the WordPress dashboard.

First, you’ll need to download the theme from ThemeForest from your download section. We do recommend downloading the entire package (which contains an already made child theme, documentation, PSDs, Revolution slider exports etc.), however for this step, you can just download the theme itself eg:

Afterward, navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New and after the page is fully loaded you’ll notice right next to the top “Add themes” title, a button that says “Upload theme”. Click it and a “browse field” will appear. Browse for the theme’s zip and that’s it. You may then activate the theme as you would any other WordPress theme.

Alternatively, you may choose to install the theme manually. To do so, download the latest version from ThemeForest from your download section, then upload the extracted folder to the /wp-content/themes/dir on your server via FTP. You will now have access to activate the theme from the Appearance > Themes screen in your dashboard.

You can read more about installing and using themes here.



Missing style.css error upon installation:

This happens because you uploaded the entire zip package you downloaded from ThemeForest. To fix this, simply extract that package you just tried uploading. You’ll notice, inside the extracted folder, a zip called “” – this is the one you should download. Here’s more on this issue .