Attach Analytics events on Buttons

For example if you want to attache a Google Analytics goal event on a button, you can do so with a few lines on custom JS. This is a rough example though and i would suggest hiring a developer if you’re not familiar with these codes.

Here’s an interesting read here in which explains several ways to track clicks on buttons, with events. My suggestions would be:

1) First you will need to figure out the selector of the button. Click on the button’s options and access the Help tab. Here you can find the element’s unique ID . Since there’s an iteration of multiple buttons inside the element, you will also need to get the button’s class, eg: . You can see the code by right clicking onto the button and hit Inspect element, the developer console will open.

So now we should end up with a selector such as .eluidac7595fc .btn-element-0 .

2) Now we’ll need to create the JS code, that can be pasted in THEME options > Advanced > Custom JS. This code will basically listen the button if it’s clicked, and trigger an action, eg:

jQuery('.eluidac7595fc .btn-element-0').on('click', function(){
  // this will be triggered if the button is clicked

3) Prepare the event code to add it into the trigger.

jQuery('.eluidac7595fc .btn-element-0').on('click', function(){
  ga('send', 'event', 'Downloads', 'Click', 'Ebook downloaded', '0'); 

The ga(send.. snippet is just used from as now it can be triggered otherwise than attached to the button attribute.