How to use icon box

The icon-boxes are found in “services” section and below the “about” section of index.html page

the markup for the icon box is:

<div class="mm-iconbox">
 <div class="mm-iconbox__icon-wrapper">
  <img src="img-assets/icon1.png" class="img-responsive icon-img" alt title="iconbox">
 <div class="mm-iconbox__content-wrapper txt-black">
  <h3>Stunning Page Builder </h3>
  <p class="mm-iconbox__desc">Intrinsicly formulate scalable web services before fully researched methodologies.</p>

The images use for icons are png formats found in the img-assets folder.

The color of the text can be changed by removing the helpful class”txt-black” and replace it with other helpful class such as

.txt-light {
 color: $white;
.txt-dark {
 color: $templateColor;
.txt-black {
 color: $black;
.txt-color {
 color: rgb(200, 157, 40);


the style of the icon box in in app/css/scss/elements/_iconbox.scss