How to use icon box

This is how the basic icon box markup looks like:

<div class="ag-iconbox ag-iconbox--style2">
  <div class="ag-iconbox__icon-wrapper">
   <span class="ag-iconbox__icon icon-webdesign"></span>
  <div class="ag-iconbox__content-wrapper">
    <h3 class="ag-iconbox__title txt-light">
    <p class="ag-iconbox__desc">Quickly provide access to cross-platform channels without transparent manufactured products. Assertively streamline plug-and-play meta</p>
  • All the icon box types and classes can be found in app/css/scss/elements/_iconBox.scss
  • All the icons used for icon boxes are found in app/fonts/icomoon

There are 3 types of icon boxes

Style 1 on index.html

Style 2 on index.html

Style 3 on our-process.html