Danny's Restaurant WordPress Theme

General Questions

  • Why doesn't the background-video load onto my smartphone?

    That's the normal behaviour actually. Only a poster image (static) will be displayed. That's because videos on smartphones or general smartphone operating systems are very problematic. Some of the problems are:

    • They take over the video, modify the z-layering structure, for example z-index. This alone generates a ton of problems;
    • OS's add own controls which are built-in the operating system and are not customisable;
    • Can't autoplay a video (bandwidth consumption protection)
    • Can't override any system option.

    What will do work is videos that are inside a player, for example a video that's launched in a modal window, or a video embeded into the article.

    So basically a video background should do what it supposed to, to display a video in the background. Unfortunately the problems of having them enabled on mobiles are too big so this is turned off by default.

Hosting TroubleShooting

  • Installing dummy data doesn't work, what to ask my hosting support?

    Unfortunately every case is different than another and it depends on the server configuration. So basically there isn't a special "guide", just a few settingsĀ that might be needed to be changed by your hosting companies, for example:

    • Stop blocking calls to our server my.hogash.com
    • Make sure there's a good ping to our server
    • Have a memory limit around ~256 just for the import (it can be later lowered back) . How to change memory limit .
    • Have a bigger timelimit (for example, if the timelimit is 300s but the connection to our server is very slow, that limit will be exceeded). How to increase time limit .

    It mostly depends on your hosting system admin to give you a hand and at least for one hour, to make some temporary settings that will permit you to install the dummy data.

    On our side, we will continuously be aware of this and try to find solutions for this. Thanks for understanding!

  • Are there any alternatives for importing dummy data?

    First, try to install WordPress & the theme on your localhost ( how to install wordpress on localhost - video tutorials )

    Then, import the dummy data. It should run properly and smoothly on localhost.

    After the installation is done, install the plugin called "All in one WP Migration" and begin initiating the migration process ( video example here ).

    Then you will need to upload the migration packages and migrate them online, onto your server and follow the installation instructions.

    More on this topic here .