Php Helpers Folder

This folder is being used by several components of the website. That’s because plain HTML doesn’t do dynamic stuff, there’s simply no other way.


Contact process php script (_contact-process.php)#

This file is being used the the contact forms in the template and it cleans, checks and sends emails to the email address you specify. Don’t forget to change the email address!
There were many users that asked if there could be added other fields to this script. The truth is that it can, but unfortunately we (author) cannot handle any customizations requests so this will have to be done by you or another experienced developer.


Mobile detection (Mobile_Detect.php & _ismobiledevice.php)#

Mobile_Detect.php is a php class used to detect what type of device is accessing the website. More here:

_ismobiledevice.php is the file that imports the mobile detect php class and creates the conditionals of what to return. The data is added to the body class with the help of AJAX in kl-scripts.js file.



This file is used for display the date on the page sub-header.