Miscellaneous classes

Inside stylesheet css/template.css you can see there are lots of predefined classes.

There are also miscellaneous classes that do all sorts of stuff:

Height class presets:#

These height classes are all in pixels and they go from 10 to 10px, begining with 0 ending with 700px. These heights are generally added to the page-header block which will use your predefined height. The classes are:

Min Height:
.min-200 { min-height: 200px !important;}
.min-380 { min-height: 380px !important;}
.min-330 { min-height: 330px !important;}
.min-370 { min-height: 370px !important;}
.min-400 { min-height: 400px !important;}
.min-450 { min-height: 450px !important;}
.min-500 { min-height: 500px !important;}
.min-700 { min-height: 700px !important;}
.min-820 { min-height: 820px !important;}

.h-260 { height: 260px !important;}
.h-320 { height: 320px !important;}
.h-520 { height: 520px !important;}
.h-545 { height: 545px !important;}
.h-400 { height: 400px !important;}
.h-500 { height: 500px !important;}
.h-600 { height: 600px !important;}
.h-625 { height: 625px !important;}
.h-720 { height: 720px !important;}
.h-760 { height: 760px !important;}