How to setup contact form

The contact form HTML markup is located in app/contact.html, also you can find the contact form php code in app/contactForm.php

In the “contactForm.php” file you can change the recipient email address, recipient name, email subject, also you can use one of the main validation rules: “value_not_empty”and “is_valid_email”.

Each form has a unique id which is added in $fieldsConfig array to recognize the form and validate its inputs.

The contact form section style can be changed from app/scss/_style.scss

In the bottom of the page, more precisely in “initContactForm” function you can change the form message, and disable the redirect on success feature.

If you want to change the redirect link you can go to app/contact.html and search for “md__redirect-to” id. All you need to do is to change the value of this input.