Changelog: Kallyas WordPress Theme


Added: New Demo: Music Event ( Click to Preview )
Added: New Demo: Coming Soon #2 ( Click to Preview  )
Added: Header Style 15
Added: ReCaptcha into Registration form (must be enabled first);
Improved: PhotoGallery element added LazyLoad option for Slideshow and Normal Gallery;
Improved: Improvements to API Connection system;
Improved: Added display permissions option for Call to action button in header;
Improved: Updated Google Fonts list;
Improved: Demo import improvements;
Improved: Reset fields after successful registration;
Fixed: Slick slider RTL fixes;
Fixed: Conflict between Ajax Add to cart with WooCommerce product table plugin;
Fixed: Duplicated title if there isn’t a Blog page assigned;
Fixed: Circle Title TextBox text-color bug;
Fixed: Animated text element not appearing in page builder;
Fixed: Shop page infinite loop;
Fixed: Fixed topbar options dependencies;


Improved API secure SSL connections;
Fixed bug with Chaser menu and Page builder;


Improved: Improvements to sample data import;
Improved: PHP 5.2.4 compatibility
Improved: Portfolio media in portfolio carousels filtrable;
Improved: General Improvements and code tweaks;
Improved: Sticky header improvements;
Improved: videos in iosslider improvements;
Improved: Added margins paddings to social icons element;
Improved: Allow users to create contact form email templates;
Improved: Applied filter on portfolio sortable excerpt;
Fixed: Issues with Blog/Portfolio archive;
Fixed: small framework issues;
Fixed: WooCommerce Classic product style minor fixes;
Fixed: IE11 improvements for image box;
Fixed: Partners/Testimonials element carousel;
Fixed: Smart Carousel fixes;
Fixed: IE11 coverfit fallback;
Fixed: Sliders/Google maps in accordions;
Fixed: Default Subheader color picker bg color;
Fixed: Google maps panel fixes;


Fixed: Photo Gallery element (Slideshow) slider issues;
Fixed: Dropdown select lists in Text Element;
Fixed: Subheader element height issues;
Fixed: RTL right text align;
Fixed: Calendar plugin styles were not applied;


Fixed: PHP Fatal Error
Fixed: Tabs css tweaks causing improper alignment


Added: New Demo! Kids Store ( )
Added: New Demo! Speaker ( )
Added: Added sticky column feature;
Improved: Switched from CarouFredSel plugin to Slick Slider for all elements using it;
Improved: added id attribute to contact form;
Improved: Shop Products presentation element general improvements;
Improved: WooCommerce product styles improvements;
Improved: Added ability to Ctrl + S (Cmd + S) theme options;
Improved: Added margins custom subheader element;
Improved: Switched Page builder font to system font;
Improved: Compatibility with GoDaddy hosting;
Improved: Replace get site transient with get site option
Improved: SSL compatibility;
Improved: Added ImageBox element alignment for simple image;
Improved: Added autoplay option for Portfolio Slider;
Improved: Horizontal & Vertical Tabs elements on mobile display;
Improved: Grid Icon Box elements, added custom color options;
Improved: Cross Origin Notices for migrating websites;
Fixed: Sortable Portfolio fix for cyrillic
Fixed: Animations in Steps Box element
Fixed: CSS3 panels filters fix for Edge
Fixed: PHP Fatal error in Contact Form element
Fixed: Adding Sections into Sections element;


Added: New demo! Sports (preview)
Added: New demo! Charity (preview)
Added: New demo! SideFolio (preview)
Added: FlipBox Element for Page builder
Added: Side Header – Kallyas Addon
Added: Navigation Overlay – Kallyas Addon
Improved: General Improvements
Improved: Dashboard Connection UI and code improvements
Improved: Tooltips for Page builder elements toolbar icons
Improved: New Metabox framework
Improved: Server check button
Improved: Option to choose icon for Historic element
Improved: RTL Improvements
Improved: Pricelist element, option to display tooltip
Improved: Deprecated “Skewed background” option in Section element. Use Top/Bottom masks instead.
Improved: Ace editor improvements in Custom CSS theme options
Improved: Iosslider element – added option to disable bullets
Improved: Custom link option for Grid photo gallery element
Improved: ImageBox element, added Image Sizes option in Advanced tab
Improved: Added Logo background option in page layout options
Improved: Custom Menu element, added option to toggle open/close submenus
Improved: Removed forced column in section
Improved: Sale & New tag visual improvements
Improved: Added filters for sidebar widgets heading tags
Improved: Option to change date format for Cotnact form’s datepicker
Improved: Added option to hide social icons in Logo Infocard
Improved: Added filter “zn_top_offset_tolerance” to override the top offset tolerance
Improved: Pricing Tables improvements
Improved: Recent work elements, added live link as item link
Improved: Mega Menu improvements
Fixed: Shop Subheader, not using options set in unlimited options
Fixed: Subheader not rendering for shop products / archives
Fixed: Photo Gallery slider
Fixed: MailChimp form improvements, validation and visuals
Fixed: Mobile menu back button causing scroll lock
Fixed: Element options scroll behavior
Fixed: jQuery Migrate warnings and other small tweaks
Fixed: Contact Form Datepicker multiple use in page
Fixed: Latest 2 glyphicons display issue
Fixed: ALT + S keys conflicting with page builder saving page
Fixed: WooCommerce product page builder def. content element
Fixed: Portfolio item password protected option
Fixed: Portfolio “load more” button issues


New! Added Cargo Demo (PREVIEW);
New! Added Lawyer Demo (PREVIEW);
Added: Product Registration with API KEY. Read more how to register your Kallyas purchase;
Added: Hogash Studio Customer Dashboard. Access Here;
Added: Show/Hide (publish/unpublish) elements in Page builder;
Added: New element! FlipBox element as page builder plugin;
Added: New styles for “burger” menu Header navigation options;
Improved: Updated Revolution Slider to 5.3.1;
Improved: Added `znklfw_enable_image_data_from_url` filter to disable image data queries;
Improved: Added general Kallyas Cache Cleanup button (clears PB data and dynamic CSS);
Improved: Increased “mobile” menu limit to 1920px;
Improved: Automodal cookie, added expiry option for 2 weeks or 1 month;
Improved: Contact form, added multiple select field;
Improved: Added `zn_schema_markup_attributes` filter for, to allow overriding them;
Improved: Reverted back to initial Smooth Scroll script;
Improved: Added new options for Smart Carousel;
Improved: Added link over the Media container element;
Improved: Added text-case for Main menu navigation;
Fixed: Removed Smart area Mega menu in Chaser menu;
Fixed: Countdown element for RTL;
Fixed: Footer Smart Area and multilanguage;
Fixed: Full width image display in Blog modern style ;
Fixed: Parallax for Firefox fallback;
Fixed: Mega menu php notice;
Fixed: Portfolio page php notice;
Fixed: Bug not saving theme options;
Fixed: Header-fixed + Relative header;
Fixed: RTL fixes for header style 14;
Fixed: Parallax’s fallback background on touch devices;
Fixed: Fixed stage box element with custom defined points;
Fixed: Fixes Mega menu not working on WP 4.7;

  • NEW! Added Architect Demo ( PREVIEW )
  • NEW! Added Medical Demo ( PREVIEW )
  • Added: Smart Areas as Mega Menu. Add page builder elements into Main menu’s dropdowns;
  • Improved: Page builder columns placeholder;
  • Improved: Social Buttons Widget;
  • Improved: Added blank state for item in Grid photo gallery;
  • Improved: Background position for section parallax;
  • Improved: RTL Tweaks;
  • Improved: Icon Options with bigger preview;
  • Improved: Implemented srcset for portfolio archive sortable;
  • Fixed: Smart Carousel element autoplay bug;
  • Fixed: Page builder max_input_vars error in elements options;
  • Fixed: Latest posts #2 styles;
  • Fixed: multiple sortable portfolios on same page;
  • Fixed: Column z-index on PB mode;
  • Fixed: remove hardcoded translation from travel demo home page;
  • Fixed: Social Icons’ Background Hover not being the Main theme color;
  • Fixed: main color in custom menu element;
  • Fixed: thumbs position from photogallery slideshow inside horizontal tabs;
  • Added: New, better Sample-Data Import system;
  • Added: Agency Demo ( preview: )
  • Added: Photographer Demo ( preview: )
  • Added: New header, style 14;
  • Added: New mask for Top/Bottom sections edges;
  • Added: New contact form style – Material;
  • General fixes and improvements;
  • Improved: Updated Revolution Slider to latest version;
  • Improved: Added custom ID option for all Static content elements;
  • Improved: Added numeric validation for contact form fields;
  • Improved: Extended Countdown elements options and styling;
  • Improved: Added breakpoint options for Grid IconBoxes;
  • Improved: Stage ImgBox with custom points;
  • Fixed: Topmask issue in sections;
  • Fixed: OSX Smooth Scroll;
  • Fixed: Vimeo background issues;
  • Fixed: Sortable Portfolio “load more” links issues;
  • Fixed: Issues with Title element’s default font family;
  • Fixed: Icon grid boxes title order;
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