Updates are not visible in WordPress Updates

We apologize and we are aware of this problem ( for example 4.11.0 update not shown for some users ).

The problem happens because the updates are downloaded from Envato’s servers and they come with a request limitation. For example the limitation to hit the Check again button ( eg: http://hogash.d.pr/utXL ) is maximum 10 times per 24 hours.

The current “fix” is to wait for 24 hours and retry to check if the updates are shown.

Starting with version 4.12.0 (not yet released) we optimised the server requests and deferred the download. This means that issues such as this one should not happen any more.

As an alternative to our internal updates system, there’s a really great official WordPress plugin by Envato – http://envato.github.io/wp-envato-market/ , which is able to make updates for your purchased items.