Sortable portfolio layout mode (Isotope)

The sortable’s portfolio layout is not showing correctly having gaps. This is happening due to several reasons (no need to get too technical).

The default layout is set to “masonry” which basically shows up a cascading grid, like in this example .

To change this mode to something more like a straight equaled rows, you should be using “fitRows” layout mode eg: and as you can see there are some gaps, but the rows are equal.

To change this layout mode, first install the child theme and then in functions.php paste this code:

add_filter( 'zn_portfolio_sortable_layoutmode', 'wp8dh8_custom_ptf_sortable_layoutmode' );
function wp8dh8_custom_ptf_sortable_layoutmode(){
  return 'fitRows';

For other layout modes visit .