Retina images

Retina images feature  serves different images based on the device being used by the viewer. You can find many details here on how it works

Currently in the website, the php file exist under the name of _retinaimages.php in the php-helpers folder. Also i’ve added in .htaccess file it’s code but commented. Finally in each page in the <head> tag, you should find a commented script that holds the javascript.

Why the code is commented?

Well , i’m not a big fan of retina images, although it looks like it makes the web a better place, the cost of bandwidth is way too big. Ironically most smartphone devices with limited bandwidth have Retina or better said doubled devicePixelRatio . The cost is too big and perhaps in a few years with 4G+ speeds and perhaps unlimited bandwidth we can truly forget about website sizes, for the moment i recommend the tool only where you really need to use it.