How to use the Booking Calendar plugin

In this article we’ll show you how to use the Booking Calendar plugin that can be installed through the theme’s addons page.

1.Enable Booking Calendar plugin.

  • Go to “Kallyas Theme” Welcome screen.
  • Select “Theme addons” tab.
  • Activate Plugin “Booking Calendar”.


2.Hot to add new booking calendar.

  • “Edit with page builder” the page you want to add your booking calendar.
  • Search for “Text Box” Element (bottom right search) and drag and drop it into the page.
  • Edit the Text Box Element (press the settings icon).
  • Change the tab to Text instead of visual.
  • Paste this shortcode:
    [booking nummonths=1 type=3 options='{calendar months_num_in_row=1 width=100% cell_height=44px }']

!Note If you want to have more booking instances in the same page change the “type” class to a different one.


3.Where do I see the Bookings.

  • From the backend click the Booking plugin
  • Select the list or table view.




4. How to add more bookings

  • If you want to have more booking instances in the same page change the “type” class to a different one. For example instead of [booking type=1 ] use [booking type=2 ]

5. More settings

This booking plugin has a lot of amazing features. The only downside is that enabling those advanced features costs $79. You can read more on


6. FAQ



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1.Setup affiliate.
Follow these steps

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  • Tools > Search Forms
  • Create a new search form
  • Press “Get Code” and copy the code.
  • Go back in Kallyas and edit a page with the pagebuilder
  • Drag and drop a “custom html” element
  • Edit the “custom html”element
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How much will I earn ?
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