How to configure the grid gallery

Each gallery is defined by the .cg__gridGallery class with items wich contains a link with a “href” attribute. This attribute represents the path to the image wich will be opened in the gallery when the user click on the gallery item.

<div class="cg__gridGallery cg__gridGallery--cols3"> 
  <div class="cg__gridGallery-item"> 
    <a href="images/gall_02.jpg" class="cg__gridGallery-link sh__zoom--on">
      <span class="cg__gridImg-wrapper"> 
        <img src="images/gall_02.jpg" alt="" class="cg__gridGallery-img">
      <i class="cg__icon glyphicon glyphicon-search cg__circled-icon"></i>

The grid gallery style can be customized from scss/elements/_gridGallery.scss