How to change the template colors

The template main colors can be changed fromĀ app/css/scss/_vars.scss

In this file you will be able to see variables like the following:

//** Background color for `<body>`.
$body-bg: #fff !default;
$gray-bg: #efefef !default;
$white-bg: #fff !default;

//** Global text color on `<body>`.
$text-color: #333 !default;
$text-color-silver :#cc9933 !default;
$bg-color:#cc9933 !default;

//** Global textual link color.
$link-color: $text-color !default;

//** Link hover color set via `darken()` function.
$link-hover-color: #d4451d !default;

//** Link hover decoration.
$link-hover-decoration: underline !default;

Also you can integrate the color on your elements using variables like in the following sample code:

.section-bg-white {.section-bg-white {background-color:$white-bg;}}