How to change the tables

The tables are found on the cart.html and checkout.html pages.

The table headings can be modified from the following code:

<table class="hg-booking">
  <th>Room type</th>
  <th class="hg-booking__capacity">Capacity</th>
  <th class="hg-booking__qty">Quantity</th>
  <th class="hg-booking__checkin">Check in</th>
  <th class="hg-booking__checkout">Check - out</th>
  <th class="hg-booking__night">Night</th>
  <th>Gross total</th>

The table content can be modified from the following code:

 <td>Single Room with Sea View (4)</td>
 <td>4 adults</td>
 <td class="hg-booking__checkin">November 23, 2017</td>
 <td class="hg-booking__checkin">November 29, 2017</td>
 <td class="hg-booking__checkin">6</td>

Default styles for the table are located in app/style/scss/_pages.scss