Don’t forget to!

These are just a few to do’s that you should not forget about:

Change the email address with your own:

Add your email address in the php_helpers/_contact-process.php page at the line 16.



Change Twitter widget id:

If you’re planning to use the Twitter feed, don’t forget to change the Widget ID from the js/kl-scripts.js file (search for “twitter”). The id could get blocked if there are too many requests.

Here is a screenshot:

and also change in the page the markup:



Add a Google Analytics tracking code:

Don’t forget to track your visitors by adding the Analytics ID (in the bottom of each page).



Edit humans.txt file in the root (or simply delete it if you don’t want it).



Cleanup your project after you finished, because you don’t need to load unnecessary resources only that you’re using.


js plugins from js/plugins/* files.

js trigger files from js/trigger/* files.

Also from pages too, don’t load the resources which you do not use, delete or comment them: