Connect theme in WPMU

Starting with Kallyas version 4.8, the theme brings the possibility for customers to connect their theme with the Hogash Dashboard, regardless their installation is a MultiSite (WPMU) or single one.

For MultiSite installations, Kallyas is offering a network page that network administrators can use to connect their theme with the Hogash Dashboard, but for this to work, Kallyas must be active on the main site, but there are cases when having Kallyas active on the main site is not possible or desired by the network administrator, which prevents them from having the possibility of connecting the theme with the Hogash Dashboard.

For these cases, the following code:

 * Directly register the theme on a MultiSite installation and when the Kallyas theme is not active on the main site
 * @since v4.9.1
add_action( 'admin_init', 'kc_connect_theme' );
function kc_connect_theme() {
	if( ! ZN_HogashDashboard::isConnected() ){
		/* This function will write to your log file if any error occurs */
		ZN_HogashDashboard::directConnect( 'YOUR-API-KEY-HERE' );

must be added to the child theme’s functions.php file.

After you save and upload the file to your website, navigate to your website’s Dashboard page. At this point the theme should be connected. You can verify that by going to one of the subsites where the Kallyas theme is installed and if everything worked correctly, you should see the message on the Kallyas dashboard page and also the theme demos and addons.

At this point, you can remove the code you’ve added to your child theme since it is no longer needed.